Osaka News News English man is murdered after being hit by a prepare in Vienna

English man is murdered after being hit by a prepare in Vienna

A Scottish man has passed on after as being hit by a passing prepare while holding up on a stage at a station in Vienna.
The man was hit at about 1am on Wednesday by an intercity prepare at the rural Grillgasse railroad station in the Stewing neighborhood of the Austrian capital Vienna, nearby media reported.
According to police representative Thomas Keiblinger, the 48-year-old man was evidently holding up for a prepare on the platform, at the point when he moved in reverse what’s more, came as well close to the tracks.
The man, who was living in Austria, was hit by the intercity train, which was not halting at the station.
He was tossed viciously to the ground by the compel of the affect what’s more, was so seriously harmed that he kicked the bucket at the scene.
Police revealed that they are expecting the passing of the man was an sad mishap caused by the casualties claim carelessness.
It is not however known regardless of whether the casualty was inebriated at the time of the accident.
It was vague what post-mortem tests would be conveyed out, or, then again regardless of whether CCTV existed that could help any investigation.
Local media detailed that the man was a 48-year-old Scot who was conceived in Edinburgh yet who presently lived in Austria. His name what’s more, other subtle elements about his life have not been made public.

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