Osaka News News Pine box switch sparkles Queensland family shock

Pine box switch sparkles Queensland family shock

A family has been cleared out shocked after a burial service home purportedly swapped the costly pine box of their grandma to a shabby box.
The Queensland family farewelled 74-year-old Janice Valigura after she passed on from a stroke on New Year’s Eve.
However, the $1700 oak coffin lined with white silk is accepted to have been exchanged for a $70 pine box minutes some time recently the cremation.
Ms Valigura’s niece Kerry Rothery toldThe Every day Mercurywhen the casket arrived ‘an hour late’ they knew something had happened.
Between the casket being favored by Ms Valigura’s grandchildren at the church what’s more, being taken to the Rockhampton crematorium, something went wrong.
Ms Rothery told the production the top of the coffin had been screwed close what’s more, her close relative was wrapped in plastic instead of the starting silk wrap.
‘What she was put in was totally debasing to my aunty,’ she said.
Ms Valigura’s child Mick Valigura said the family were crushed be that as it may the funeral director told him it happened often, agreeing to ABC News.
The burial service home, Harts Family Funerals, declined to remark at the point when reached by Australian Related Press.
Whitsunday Funerals what’s more, Crematorium executive Jeff Doyle told the production exchanging caskets was ‘common hone around Australia’ what’s more, called for ‘serious regulation’ in the industry.
‘But lamentably since at most crematoriums you’re not permitted to go down what’s more, as a matter of fact see the pine box go into the the cremator, it’s simple for them to do it,’ he said.
Queensland Police are exploring the matter.

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