Osaka News News Vancouver eatery director Let go for rejecting benefit to client wearing ‘MAGA’ cap

Vancouver eatery director Let go for rejecting benefit to client wearing ‘MAGA’ cap

A supervisor at a Vancouver eatery has been let go for denying benefit to a client wearing a ‘MAGA’ hat.
Darin Hodge was let go from Stanley Stop Teahouse after he inquired the client to take off his Make America Incredible Once more hat.
‘I stand by my choice to inquire the benefactor to evacuate his hat. The MAGA cap has come to symbolize racism, bigotry, islamaphobia [sic], misogyny, white supremacy, homophobia,’ he clarified to the Worldwide News.
‘As a individual with a solid moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest’s decision of headwear while in my previous put of work,’ he wrote.
Vice president of Human Assets for the Sequoia Gathering of Restaurants, Eva Gates, discharged a articulation clarifying the situation.
‘A refined man came in wearing a cap that was a Make America Incredible Once more hat, what’s more, our supervisor went up to the courteous fellow what’s more, inquired him to take off his hat, that he wouldn’t serve him with that cap on,’ she said.
‘And the courteous fellow said that he had a right to wear that hat. What’s more, [the manager] declined to serve him in the event that he wouldn’t take off his hat, what’s more, so the client had to leave.’
The organization had called Hodge ‘a great individual with a huge heart what’s more, a right to his individual beliefs,’ in a past statement.
He was fired, however, for disregarding the establishment’s ‘philosophy of tolerance.’
‘Sequoia does not bolster narrow mindedness of any kind, what’s more, it is since of these standards that we can’t segregate against somebody based on their bolster for the current organization in the Joined together States or, then again any other bona fide political party,’ the explanation said.
Hodges had been with the organization for 18 months, staff told CBC.
The MAGA developed in prominence amid the Trump battle in 2016.

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