Osaka News News Felicity Palmateer uncovers her social media insurances

Felicity Palmateer uncovers her social media insurances

Professional surfer Felicity Palmateer has uncovered she takes safety measures with what she posts on social media since ‘there’s as well numerous creeps out there’.
The 24-year-old routinely ventures to colorful areas as one of Australia’s most effective surfers yet fans who take after her don’t see what she’s up to in real-time.
The Gold Coast-based enormous wave surfer says she regularly posts pictures what’s more, recordings well after they have been taken in a offer to stow away her area from potential stalkers.
‘I just don’t need individuals knowing where I am each second of the day,’ she told The Sydney Morning Herald.
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‘One thing I do is that I don’t truly post in real-time where I am, there’s as well numerous creeps out there.’
She is particularly attentive of Snapchat what’s more, says she frequently makes recordings utilizing the application yet posts them hours later.
But the Perth-born surfer, who has an Instagram following of nearly 135,000, says she principally takes additional safety measures at the point when she’s travelling.
‘I’ve been voyaging what’s more, contending since I was 17, so I feel lovely common what’s more, I know what I am doing, be that as it may it’s still great to take those precautions,’ Palmateer added.
She too uncovered she takes mind to keep her private life out of the open eye particularly considering her beau works with her as her manager.
Palmateer, who is enthusiastic about craftsmanship what’s more, marine protection as well as surfing, uncovered she has learned to not pay consideration to on the web trolls.
While awful remarks flung in her heading utilized to ‘really upset’ her, presently they have no impact, she says.
And despite the fact that the sportswoman’s Instagram sustain could effectively be mixed up for a model’s, she says she has no want to seek after a profession in the industry.

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