Osaka News News Russia is getting ready for war with anti-UK publicity on Television

Russia is getting ready for war with anti-UK publicity on Television

Russia has been pumping out thousands of negative news stories about England in a sign it is ‘preparing for a conflict’, a report has claimed.
A amazing 2,270 harming TV cuts about the UK have been communicate over a three-year period as part of a more extensive disinformation battle by Russian media to ruin Europe.
Research appears that 84 per penny of all scope about England on three of Russia’s state-backed Television stations has been negative, agreeing to a report by the Ukraine Emergency Media Center, which works with the UK’s Remote Office to counter Russian disinformation.
Experts said one of the stations indeed ‘exploited’ the passing of Work MP Jo Cox, who was killed in June 2016, to recommend ‘life in the UK is extremely dangerous’.
Nataliya Popovych, who co-authored the report, said: ‘These channels presently are completely state controlled what’s more, the mouthpiece of the Kremlin.
‘The negative yield multiplied in 2017 what’s more, it is increasing. It is risky as it looks like they are getting ready themselves for a few sort of conflict.’
According to the figures, there were 22,711 negative notices of European nations amid the three-year period.
A add up to of 10 per penny of these were about the UK the third most noteworthy while 17 per penny directed France what’s more, 12 per penny secured Germany.
Europe was said contrarily on normal 18 times a day on the channels which were being monitored.
The report said: ‘According to the Russian media, life in Europe is exceptionally troublesome a talk that is always implemented through the endless passing of myths as facts.’
Miss Popovych said one station communicate a verifiable point of view of the UK, featuring how it had ‘betrayed the Russian interests’.
This secured the time of Ruler Victoria to Theresa May’s dealing with of the Skripal nerve operator harming in Salisbury.
She said: ‘The whole appear impacted Theresa May. They concede nothing what’s more, deny anything what’s more, make accusations. The scope is both made up of conclusions what’s more, misinformation.’
Two dozen unique stories encompassing the Skripal harming showed up in the Russian media as the state endeavored to sloppy the waters.

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