Osaka News News Russia questions visa dissent for niece of previous spy Sergei Skripal

Russia questions visa dissent for niece of previous spy Sergei Skripal

The Russian International safe haven has addressed the ‘disappointing’ choice to deny the visa of previous spy Sergei Skripal’s niece, as the lady goadedTheresa Mayin a video message.
The international safe haven has blamed the Remote Office of falling flat to reply its questions over why Viktoria Skripal was denied a visa to travel to England to visit Sergei what’s more, Yulia in hospital.
In a statement, the government office said the FCO’s reaction to its ask for an clarification was ‘disappointing’ what’s more, ‘cannot yet cause regret’.
The Russian Embassy’s cruel words come as Viktoria, 45, impacted the Prime Serve in a video message, saying:’Dear Theresa May, If you don’t mind can you as a human being offer assistance us to meet our family?
‘Why are you crushing our family?… We are customary people… If it’s not too much trouble offer assistance us.’
Viktoria has pledged to battle until she can see her cousin what’s more, said she would take her case to the Joined together Countries in the event that prevented.
UK experts declined to concede her a visa, with the Home Office saying her application ‘did not go along with the movement rules’, inciting a recommendation from the Russian side that the English had ‘something to hide’.
On Sunday the Russian government office rehashed its charge that the choice not to issue a visa was ‘politically motivated’ what’s more, raised questions about the thinking behind it.
After recommendations to Viktoria that her visa application would be quick tracked, it was declined in the midst of doubts she is being utilized as a pawn by the Kremlin.
She has given media interviews addressing Britain’s claims that the Russian government was behind the nerve operator assault what’s more, said that Yulia’s life partner or, then again his family may be the culprits.
She moreover recommended Sergei what’s more, Yulia were harmed by eating a few ‘bad fish’.
Last night, Viktoria told this newspaper: ‘I see from the refusal that I am not taken by the English side as a part of the family, what’s more, along these lines I can’t come to the UK on sake of Sergei’s mother who lives with me to see them.’
And Viktoria told Sky News she needed to visit the match in individual so she could ‘truthfully’ report back on their condition to relatives.
‘But my visa was rejected,’ she said.
‘The entirety world is presently talking about an remarkable political scandal, yet genuine individuals are at the epicenter of this scandal. This is our family, which truly needs to be together now.
‘If Yulia sees this, I need her to see we cherish her what’s more, will continuously hold up for her. I will battle for her till the end.
‘If I can’t do it here, I will go to the Joined together Nations, what’s more, in the event that I can’t do it this way, I will walk, I will bum a ride over the outskirt illegally.’

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