Osaka News News Cirque du Soleil’s new appear OVO opens in London

Cirque du Soleil’s new appear OVO opens in London

These are the stunning pictures from Cirque du Soleil’s new appear which has opened at the Illustrious Albert Lobby what’s more, will remain at the famous scene until March.
Ovo is depicted as ‘ A vivid festival of insane crickets, astounding ants what’s more, adaptable fleas, OVO reveals the characteristic world at our feet. Surge fast into an biological system abounding with life, where creepy crawlies work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, battle what’s more, love.’
As part of the show, there is a 14-metre high flying trapeze act, which is depicted as the greatest of its kind.
The cast highlights 50 specialists from over the globe, counting entertainers from 21 extraordinary countries, counting Belarus, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil what’s more, South Korea.
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