Osaka News News Mr Clean gets provocative in Procter & Bet SuperBowl promotion

Mr Clean gets provocative in Procter & Bet SuperBowl promotion

Turns out Mr Clean does clean up nicely.
The 59-year-old mascot got a provocative makeover for his to begin with Super Bowl appearance, coming up on February 5.
Procter & Bet disclosed the advertisement including Mr Clean Thursday, appearing a younger, sleeker variant of the cleaning man who to begin with showed up on TV in 1958.
Mr Clean appears up in a woman’s living room, wearing his trademark spotless white furnish what’s more, earring. Soon, he begins moving lewdly while cleaning around the house, parading his muscles in the process.
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The lady takes after him, looking totally charmed. The two gaze into each other’s eyes as Mr Clean cleans the shower, what’s more, the lady starts to move while he mops the living room floor.
Suddenly, Mr Clean looks up what’s more, calls out: ‘Sarah? Sarah?’
The music stops what’s more, Sarah snaps back to reality, figuring it out that the attractive Mr Clean is in certainty her real-life husband.
‘Clean enough?’ the spouse asks.
Sarah doesn’t answer yet hops into his arm for a adoring kiss, making him drop his basin what’s more, mop.
The couple fall onto the sofa while the screen reads: ‘You gotta adore a man who cleans.’
The clip, titled ‘Cleaner Of Your Dreams’, is one of two promotions that Procter & Bet will communicate duringSuper Bowl LI. The other one will be for Febreze.
Some watchers couldn’t accept their eyes at the point when they found the new, sexier Mr Clean.
They took to Twitter to express their reactions, going from interested to dismayed.
‘They’ve sexualized Mr Clean,’ one of them composed with three emoji chuckling to tears.
Another one tweeted: ‘Mr Clean has been hitting the rec center LMAO’.
One watcher said the promotion was ‘ridiculous’, while another regarded it ‘too much’.
Those who haven’t observed the promotion however will get to see it next week, while the New Britain Loyalists confront the Atlanta Falcons.

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